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The Broadway Subway Project team undertook an Environmental and Socio-Economic Review (ESR) to understand potential environmental and socio-economic impacts and develop ways to mitigate the impacts. This process provided opportunities for consultation with Indigenous groups, the public, stakeholders, and government agencies on the scope of the review.

The ESR identified that potential effects, similar to other urban development projects, are well understood and can be effectively mitigated. It also determined that the project will have an overall positive benefit on environment, health and affordability in the region.

The scope of the ESR included:

  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Air Quality/GHG
  • Contaminated Sites/Excavated Materials
  • Archaeological and Heritage Resources
  • Transportation and Access
  • Housing and Property
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Aquatic Resources
  • Vegetation and Wildlife

The contractor is required to develop and implement a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), including specific measures to mitigate effects on environmental and socioeconomic conditions, which the Province will oversee.

Examples include:

  • Advance notice to residents identifying upcoming construction activities and timing.
  • Measures to manage dust and emissions from construction vehicles and equipment.
  • Site/activity specific measures to minimize construction noise and vibration, where possible.
  • Where feasible, measures to minimize light spill during construction.
  • Pre-construction vibration monitoring including building condition assessments.
  • Noise and vibration monitoring during construction.

Click to read the Executive Summary or the full report, posted on the Documentation page.