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This extension of the Millennium Line will connect seamlessly to the current SkyTrain network and integrate with the regional bus network. All stations will be accessible by bus, walking, and cycling for a complete multi-modal experience. 

Once in service, the trip from VCC-Clark Station to Arbutus Station will take 11 minutes, saving the average transit commuter almost 30 minutes a day and relieving congestion along Broadway.


The new extension will connect to the SkyTrain network, including the Expo and Canada lines.

At Broadway-City Hall, passengers will have a convenient underground connection between the Millennium and Canada lines, with the new concourse and platform levels for the Broadway Subway Project below the Canada Line. There will be 3 paths that connect the 2 stations:  direct access to the Millennium Line from the fare gates, as well as direct access from both northbound and southbound Canada Line platforms.


The Skytrain will integrate with the regional bus network. The Millennium line will terminate at Arbutus where passengers will transfer to the 99 B-Line bus which will continue on to UBC.


Great Northern Way Station and Arbutus Station will include bike parkades. These stations have excellent access to the Central Valley Greenway and Arbutus Greenway which provide good connectivity for both cyclists and pedestrians. Mobi stations will be located along Broadway and close to stations as well.

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